Reel Productions expertise in documentary filmmaking has led them to some of the most remarkable stories ever told. Credits include The Mystery of The Ark of The Covenant, The Search for The Real Mt. Sinai (both narrated by John Rhys-Davies of Lord of the Rings & Indiana Jones fame), In The Hands of The EnemyAmerica Surrenders an Army, and Journey of Hope- Walking With Hope Through Life’s Valleys featuring San Francisco Giants star pitcher Dave Dravecky. Additionally they have produced classics like First Love - A Gathering of Jesus Music Pioneers, and the popular series Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution, among many others.

In 2004 Reel Productions was honored as the recipient of a remarkable five International Classic Telly awards. These prestigious Classic Telly Awards were given to works judged to be the best in the past 25 years.

Additionally the company is the recipient of nineteen International Telly Awards and seventeen Communicator Awards.

With filming experience in over forty countries of the world Reel Productions crews understand their mission. From shooting projects in the jungles of Northern India, the killing fields of Cambodia, or pursuing great footage in the highlands of Africa, it’s always for the same purpose… to connect the viewer to a great story.

Recent releases include:

The Gentle Bear Man of Emo
The surprising story of Michael Scheibler - a man who finds redemption from a terrible past when he reconnects with nature. Michael currently hand feeds as many as 60 wild bears a day.

Incredible Creatures that DEFINE Design
A new series on biomimicry, which is the art of borrowing from nature’s designs to make human life better.

The Master Designer - The Song
A glimpse into the blueprint of creation that reveals a dramatic story..a story of purpose, meaning, significance and ultimately love, all crafted by The Master Designer.

Biography: Steve Greisen

In Steve’s unusually interesting career he has made the strange choice of pioneering new categories and markets. You’d think if he were really smart he would have chosen an easier route in life. However, great risk can reap great rewards. He has seen mind-boggling success in the Christian music industry before there was one, selling over a million records and helping launch an entirely new category of music- not an easy marketing task.

This was just the beginning of a long line of successful marketing achievements, from building successful direct marketing models to creating the most awarded productions company in Colorado. Steve has also created ground breaking and record-breaking results for many non-profit organizations.

As the founder of the production company Reel Productions, LLC in 1988 and the Inc5000 nominated international distribution company Exploration Films he continues to blaze new trails.

His unique approach is partly the byproduct of growing up in Hong Kong and traveling to 72 countries the world over. This has given him the sort of big picture perspective few can compete with. With Steve any limitation is not seen as a problem but another opportunity to celebrate a victory.

His family loves the mountains of Colorado, and Steve enjoys elk hunting each year with his friends Scott Renick, who happens to be John Wayne’s godson. He and his wife Nelly, a renowned singer, enjoy hiking, camping, and in the summer motorcycling Colorado’s back roads of stunning beauty. Both are avid deep-sea divers and fitness enthusiasts. He is the proud father of two grown sons, Andrew and Jesse, who also reside in Colorado.